Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management

You must often wonder as to what the connections between Lifestyle and Cancer are. In fact you might even ask—can there be any relation between the two. Cancer, a dreaded word is explained to young students as the uncontrolled proliferation of cells. What does one’s routine lifestyle have to do with a disease that plays havoc inside one’s body?

There might be researches and data regarding these seemingly disparate terms. However, for us what is important is the idea of a healthy lifestyle that might minimise cancer risk by boosting the immune system of the body. As mentioned, there is no verifiable data. However, as a Medical Oncologist with an experience of having dealt with cancer patients for a decade now I would like to suggest a few lifestyle essentials to you.


Rise and rest timings: My best friend has often teased me for being a bore. This is because I get up at sharp 7:00 a.m. and sleep at 10:30 p.m. I do understand that the world now is fast-paced and we all want a lifestyle that is hip and happening. However this will take a toll on your body, the realisation of which will hit you as the body begins to age. The body’s natural ageing process apart, the process can be accelerated or decelerated depending on how we treat it. So as a first please wake up early and sleep on time. Exceptions should not be the norm.

Food Fads: We all have a ticklish palate. We want to tease it with a wide variety of food ranging from street food to dishes from across continents. Where there is food value in all healthy food, you need to figure out your nutrient chart. Identify food that does not suit you or harms your body functions. Make a chart and eliminate such food items from your daily routine. At the same time make a list of food items that energise you. Make a list of such foods. This will be your nutrient list. Keep adding to it. Further, keep your food habits simple and manageable. My best friend of course mocks my penchant for dal rice!


Exercise: I will here be repeating what most health nutritionists and dietary experts have suggested. Hit the gym, do weights, play a game. But above all don’t miss that walk that keeps you close to nature. Where the gymnasium is a closed environment, always go for a form of exercise that keeps you in sync with nature. My best friend often tells me I carry the wind of the valley with me. I think one of the reasons for this is I try to walk daily. Do not torture your body but go for a form of exercise that you are able to sustain.

Avoid Overweight and Obesity: It is very important to keep your weight according to the statistics of your body such as height. You must avoid obesity. Over-weight impacts the body like nothing else does. So always keep your weight in check. A healthy lifestyle is only possible when you maintain your weight.