Care-Giver Management

Care-giver Management

You must be surprised atthis phrase. It is the job of the care-giver to manage. In that case how can the care-giver be managed? Or rather, what is the need to manage the care-giver? We are well aware that Cancer is a disease that requires prolonged treatment. This also means that there has to be a dedicated person who will accompany the patient and be with him/her through the course of the treatment. This person is the care-giver.

However, the long duration of treatment, at times spanning months or years might be difficult for the care-giver. It can cause what in medical terminology we call a burn out. Here are a few suggestions to people who are care-givers. Again I must add that this emerges from my experience of having interacted and watched at a distance the people attending to their dear ones.


  • First of all there is no one way of handling this issue. Each person has their own way of managing stress. All the ways are correct. Look at what is workable for you.
  • You have to assist the patient through a long and arduous journey. You must eat well and keep yourself happy.
  • You have to accept that you will be a part of difficult and at times depressing circumstances. But the only way for you to sail through and help the ailing dear one to sail through it is by keeping yourself happy. This in turn will help you keep the patient’s spirits high.
  • Before and after the visit to the hospital interact with your dear ones, friends or people who keep you in a steady state of mind. Watching a film, listening to music, stepping out or any other way that you enjoy will pacify you.
  • Try to keep yourself occupied in constructive activities. The more work engrossed you are the better will be your handling of the difficult situation.
  • Discuss you anxieties with your close circuit of people. Do not pass on your anxiety to the patient. At the same time try and overcome this feeling.