Cancer Treatment in Delhi

Cancer Treatment in Delhi

Nowadays cancer is a very common disease. As per the research almost 50% of people are suffering from these diseases. Normally alcohol, tobacco is the common reason for having cancer but it is not true. Lots of pollution, unhealthy food, chemical uses are also the causes of cancer. There are mostly 200 types of cancer and every cancer has different reasons, yes some have the same reasons but it occurs when the cancer cells suddenly increase on the body and it weakens the immune system of a person. Let’s know about the cause of cancer.

  • Cancer Risk Factors:

Well, cancer can be affected by anything it has not specific problem recognized by the experts, but the risk factors of cancer are here.

Lifestyle: People who consume much alcohol, cigarettes in their routine have to face cancer. Well, it won’t affect the overnight it takes time but it will be very harmful to the kidneys, lungs, skin and other parts of the body. Tobacco consists of more than 5000 chemicals and this chemical will destroy the body and causes cancer. You can get the best lung cancer treatment but it is better to avoid such things.

  • Obesity:

It is also another reason for having cancer. Lots of weight has not only cancer but it also welcomes other diseases. Due to this people have to face pancreas cancer it is most important to reduce weight at this time. If you don’t reduce the weight then it is hard to perform the therapy on the body. The person needs to be strong instead of overweight for the treatment.

  • Air Pollution:

As the cities are going to turn on mega cities people are coming and coming. In such cases, air pollution increases and the dust and chemicals and polluted inhale by the common people which causes cancer. In the compare of villages, the people who are living in the cities have to face more diseases. They are living a healthy lifestyle but also inhaling the polluted air.

  • Inherited:

Just like diabetes, cancer is also inherited. If anyone of the people is suffering from cancer then there are some chances that other members get affected but it is not as cold or cough. It is in the cells of the body.


Maintain a healthy diet to avoid cancer and if someone affected than get the cancer treatment in Delhi to cure the diseases