Best Oncologist in Delhi

Best Oncologist in Delhi

How to Treat Oncologist Cancer?

Before we proceed with the treatment let us know about the oncologist cancer and where its located and how a person gets affected by the oncologist cancer. Before treating any disease it is highly important to know about it so it becomes easy to treat the diseases.

  • What is Oncologist Cancer?

It is cancer that can be done on a few parts of the body and the medical term refers to it differently. There are mainly 5 types of oncologist cancers and different doctors treat in their way. To get the best treatment you can also find the Best oncologist in Delhi and begin the treatment.

  • Types of Oncologist:

Medical Oncologist: In this treatment, the doctor mostly uses chemotherapy or other medications such as targeted therapy or immunotherapy.

Surgical oncologist: During this treatment, the doctor removes the tumor from the body with the help of the surgery or sometimes they used to do biopsies to diagnose cancer.

Radiation Oncologist: In this treatment procedure the doctor uses high radiation photon beams that kill the cancer cells from the body completely. In this process, the patient has to suffer a lot because it has too much pain and sometimes due to side effects the hair loos or skin damage problems have also face by patients. This procedure is crucial for cancer patients.

Pediatric Oncologists: As per the research there are mostly 80% of kids are affected by these diseases in the United States. Most kids are under the age of 15 and kids don’t have such a high immune system. Most pediatric oncologists focus on child growth and teach parents about child growth.

Gynecologic Oncologists: This type of doctor specializing in to treat women who are young and pregnant. At this time it is really important to handle pregnant women. Well, cancer cells are not transferring to the baby but during the treatment, it is important to keep safe the baby. Doctors have to take so much training before treating any women.

  • How does Oncologist Cancer identify?

You can search the best cancer treatment specialist in Delhi and doctors ask the problem and examine the physical body to find abnormalities. They also ask you to complete urine, blood checkups, MRI process and so on. After all this examination they will tell you about cancer and recommend the treatment.


Nowadays it is really hard to find such intelligent and expert doctors who give you real suggestions and treatment that cures cancer in a few months only. So follow doctor recommendations and keep a healthy diet for long life.