About Us

Best Cancer Treatment Specialist

In the last decade, the surge in the number of cancer cases has been a matter of great concern
for medical practitioners and the common person alike. It has signalled the need for greater
research, new age treatment and data backed information. Keeping these challenges in mind,
Dr. Waseem Abbas conceptualised this site to make people cancer aware. It is a tough terrain
and indeed a daunting task to cover the minutae of information. However, with an experience
of more than a decade, Dr. Abbas’s site will take you through some very basic information
about cancer while also sensitising you about diagnostic tests, treatment modalities and other
important information. The blogs will help you address some of the questions that often cross
your mind when you hear the dreaded word, cancer.

Dr. Waseem Abbas’s initiative intends to establish a person to person approach to help you
choose the road to recovery!